'Aquaphor International' opens their first store in Latvia

  • 2024-06-14

The leading European manufacturer of water purification systems, “Aquaphor International”, expands its international store network by opening its first store in Latvia. The grand opening event underscores the growing importance of high-quality water purification systems, especially as water quality in Europe is increasingly affected by several factors, such as climate change and pollution.

The concept of the new “Aquaphor International” store in Riga is designed to offer solutions ranging from simple water filter pitchers to complex seawater desalination systems. The store provides high-quality specialist and technical consultations to customers and potential partners, helping them select the appropriate equipment for their needs. 

Looking to the future with the goal of ensuring safe water for daily consumption throughout Latvia, “Aquaphor International” plans to offer water analysis services and expand its presence by opening new stores in Riga and other regions of Latvia. Collaboration with the HoReCa industry is also a priority – the company has developed solutions for cafes, restaurants, SPA centers, hotels, and laundries.

Why is Quality Water Purification Important in the Baltics?

The need for quality water purification in the Baltics is becoming more pressing for several reasons. In recent years, the availability of clean water in Europe has been increasingly impacted by climate change. The rise in average temperatures has led to the activation of various viruses and bacteria that were previously dormant in the cold climate of northern countries.

“Water quality is also affected by pollution from agriculture, industry, and sewage management sectors. Unfortunately, several tons of pollutants, including surface pollution from agriculture, pharmaceutical residues, and microplastics from sewage systems, are deposited in our soil each year and are now slowly reaching groundwater, affecting our water quality,” says Antons Popkovs, Director of the Latvian division of "Aquaphor International".

One of the most effective ways to ensure the supply of high-quality water in both small and large households is through water filtration. “Aquaphor International” water purification systems do not use toxic cleaning agents to remove harmful substances from the water, while retaining minerals essential for human health.

What Has Been Achieved So Far?

"Aquaphor International” employs over 600 people in Estonia and over 2000 people worldwide, including Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and the UK. Most of them work in the largest water purification equipment manufacturing plant in Europe. This facility, driven by growing demand, produces water purification and seawater desalination equipment. Additionally, the company has patented various water purification solutions, including filters suitable for removing excess iron, organic substances, and hardness. The products stand out for their high quality, reasonable price, and unique technologies. Thanks to innovations, the company has made its products compact and efficient, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability.

"Aquaphor International” is a leading European manufacturer of water purification systems. The technology, developed in our laboratories in Narva, ensures a high-quality and autonomous water supply. The company's water purification systems have been installed in prestigious locations such as Noorus SPA Hotel in Estonia and Smådalarö Gård Hotell & Spa in Sweden, where they significantly reduce operating costs and provide clean water even in difficult conditions.