5 franchise types that are safe to invest in for 2022

  • 2021-11-22

It is fair to say that the Covid pandemic shook up the franchising industry. For a time, some of the most seemingly safe options such as barbershops became much more risky investments. Now that the business world, in general, has regained a level of stability it is time to reassess how things have changed. The good news is that numerous franchises for sale have weathered the storm of lockdowns and managed to remain profitable. In some cases, they have even seen a surge in demand. As a result of these achievements, it is possible to predict which franchise types are likely to be most profitable and be considered a safe bet, during the coming year.

Home-based franchises

There has been a drastic increase in the number of people who work from home. Conversely, office-based franchises have proven to be a riskier investment. It remains to be seen if future social distancing rules will be enforced. However, people can minimise the chances of this affecting them by focusing on a home-based franchise.

This option is appealing for a number of reasons. Franchise owners can have greater flexibility in terms of time management. For some, it will also be more cost-effective. This is especially true for those who usually have to commute large distances.

Many small businesses fall into this category. They can include tutoring, home care, financial consulting, marketing and e-commerce. There is a clear trend within franchising that is moving away from offices and into homes.

Fast food franchises

There is a good reason why fast food is so often associated with the franchise market in general. They make up a large chunk of the sector. Over the years plenty of media attention has been placed on the success stories of big chains such as McDonald's and KFC. These businesses often increase the employment rates within local areas whilst owners attain healthy profit margins.

Investment opportunities are on a very broad spectrum which can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is a better option than creating a start-up restaurant because it gives owners access to an already established and thriving market.

Delivery was a major factor in why fast-food franchises were not hit too heavily by the pandemic. As more customers choose to order takeaway items it is wise to invest in ones that offer this service.

Cleaning franchises

There has always been a decent demand for cleaning services. This has grown due to an ageing population within dual-income households. Popular franchises of this type offer flexible scheduling and price plans to clients. There is also greater affordability due to the fact that franchises can provide monthly, weekly or one-time jobs.

Ones that include electrostatic disinfection treatments were greatly needed during the pandemic and continue to be utilised by public venues. It seems likely that many businesses will require
these services throughout 2022.

The bulk of cleaning franchises can be divided into 3 sub-groups. These are residential, commercial and restoration. The former focuses on home environments. Commercial cleaning franchises market to offices. The issue is that with more people working from home this option has greater risk. Restoration services are fairly niche as they clean up after events such as fires, floods and hoarding clear-outs.

Courier franchises

With high street stores struggling and a great choice of shopping options, online the courier industry has continued to stay strong. The profitability of such a franchise will greatly depend on its location. It is important to perform market research before opening a courier franchise in order to determine if an investment is worth it. The competitive nature of this sector also needs to be taken into account. There are several big-name companies each striving to become the dominant courier service.

Despite these issues, there is unlikely to be a decrease in customers ordering items to their homes. In fact, this practice could increase. This presents entrepreneurs with franchise opportunities that may be too enticing to pass up. Furthermore, the prospect of future self-isolation regulations may encourage more customers to utilise couriers rather than shop at brick and mortar establishments.

Pet franchises

This is yet another type of franchise that did very well during the pandemic. The reasons for this are fairly obvious. Customers facing isolation chose to attain a pet for companionship and to encourage them to walk and exercise. The question is now that things have eased, will there be less demand for them? Even if customer levels are lower than pre-Covid levels it will still give owners potentially lucrative franchising opportunities.

The most popular animal type will vary depending on location. However, highly successful franchises often focus on cats, dogs, birds, fish and reptiles. Naturally, this sector requires owners to be good at working with both people and animals. Zoophilists will find this an ideal way to earn money.